Food and Bakery - Aroma Wax Melts - Wake up and smell the fragrances!

melts banner 6From Bakery to Coffee Aroma Wax Melts. Only £2.95 for a Box of 10 Melts.
Our Aroma Wax Melts are beautifully scented and made using only carefully selected waxes and high quality fragrances.

Food and Bakery Scents

Absolutely Fab Cakes (AFC)
White chocolate cream with coconut and vanilla, topped with sweet butter cream frosting.

Cafe Latte (CL)
Like walking in to your favourite coffee shop!

Cinnamon Sticks (CS)
Warm mellow aroma of cinnamon.

Garden Mint (GM)
Just like sprigs of freshly crushed garden mint leaves.

Gingerbread (GB)
Warm ginger with a hint of nutmeg and a sprinkle of cinnamom

Nutcracker (NC) - (previously know as walnut whip)
Roasted walnuts in a swirl of rich, sweet praline cream and brown sugar.

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