Candle Care

About Our Scented Wax Melts
All melts are hand-poured using only carefully selected high quality fragrances and are made with either soy wax or a fusion of soy and mineral wax.

How to use
Just pop a wax melt or wax tart on a suitable oil burner and as the wax melts it produces a lovely fragrance. (do not add water)
Once the fragrance fades and just before is resets, just wipe the remaining wax with a paper towel. If the wax has already hardened, place the burner in the fridge for approx 15 minutes, the cold shrinks the wax and it should pop out easily.

About Our Candles
All our candles are hand-poured using a either soy wax or a fusion of soy and mineral wax. Information can be found next to each product.

Wooden Wicks
These wicks are generally made up of two layers and give a gentle crackle when lit. They generally produce a higher flame compared with a traditional wick.

The first time you burn a wooden wick, burn for approx two hours. If the wick appears weak, just blow it out, let it cool then pinch the layers together and relight.

Keep the wick trimmed to approx 0.5cm, you can easily snap the burnt wood or use clippers, but only after the wick has sufficiently cooled.

Traditional Wicks
Keep the wick trimmed to approx 4mm before lighting. burn the canlde for at least two hours as this helps ensure an even burn pool.

....and finally

Not all fragrances have the same strength. Everyone's sense of smell is subjective. The room size and temperature of the the room can also affect the aroma. We personally find that candles and melts give off a better scent if the room is not too cold.

There is a mixture of opinion when it comes to whether candles and melts should be made with soy wax or mineral oil and are there any advantages or disadvantages. We believe that your want a candle, wax melt or wax tart with a lasting scent, therefore we choose each wax accordingly, ensuring you get a candle, wax tart or wax melt that gives you the pleasure of a scent that will perfectly please.

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