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  1. Aroma Wax Snap Bars

    We are excited to introduce our Aroma Wax Snap Bars

    Each wax segment weighs approx 10g so slightly bigger than our individual flower wax melts and are made using only the finest wax and fragrances.

    There is a choice of fragrances and you can mix and match. We are also commited to trying to cut down on our waste. The snap bars are made with soy wax (vegan friendly!) and decorated with biodegradable sparkles, packed in recycleable little boxes with recycled tissue paper and biodegradable cellulose bags.

  2. Dettol Wax Melts

    Ok....this one could be a bit risky!
    So far most people seem to like it and we have to say, we are in agreement. It is fairly strong but not over powering so if you are a fan of Dettol, I am sure you will like this latest edition in melts inspired by the iconic disinfectant!